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New Horizons whizzed past Pluto this afternoon at 14 kilometres per second! The routine of getting pictures and data back to Earth will be donw over the next day, with the latest, closest image due to be released after midnight Wednesday morning. History has been made! Pluto is showing a lot of love in the photo below, the last to be taken prior to the craft turning and concentrating all its instruments at Pluto for a period of blackout during all of Tuesday.

latest pluto

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Science week will feature numerous events around the country.

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The Total Solar Eclipse on the morning of Friday March 20th will not have Ireland covered in total shadow: the path of totality is closer to the Faroe Islands.

Ireland will get 90-91% of the solar disc blocked out by the Moon, maximum darkness appearing at 09:26hrs Irish Time. Even so, there will be diminished heat and light, and the subject matter will still warrant safe observing! This is a great outreach and observing opportunity, so make the most of it! To help, here is our guide to Observing the Sun Safely >



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Irish Astronomer Dave Grennan received conformation of his 3rd supernova discovery from his Dublin-based backyard observatory. This from RTE:


Dave discovered the Type 1c Supernova nearly two weeks ago, but was confirmed by a team of professional astronomers in China and announced by the International Astronomical Union on Saturday. It has been named "Supernova 2014as".


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