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Hi all, While Observing the Lyrids Meteor on 21/4/15

I got an idea, to hook up a Bresser monocular to a mini dvr.

I purchased the Monocular some years ago, and has got little use until now.

.The image quality in my opinion is poor with horizontal banding obvious, and annoying,

However Hooked up to a mini dvr, image quality was very much improved,so

I set the equipment up on a Atlas tripod pointed it a Vega, and more or less

left it recording  for the full session,

On the+ side, weights less than 500 g including the Dvr

2xAA batteries lasted the session.

Setup time   2min

No problems with dew in the objective.

Good for estimating  seeing for astrophotography.

I give this setup the thumbs up, a go anywhere device. Also good for spotting nocturnal banjo players. diddle um dum dum dum dum dum dum.

On the - side the Dvr is quite hungry at  about 16 mb per min, @ 15 frames sec @ full Resolution (500x582) 

Below are image setup, and a dropdox  link. thanks for looking.