Hello fellow IFAS board members,

Following on from the success of previous calendars, the IFAS Committee are now beginning the process to produce the IFAS 2018 Calendar. IFAS needs your images to help! The premise is the same as before: profits from the sale of the Calendar will go to the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies to help further promote astronomy and allied subjects through the efforts of its member clubs and societies.

Your image should:
1. Be larger than or equal to 3500pixels wide X 2480pixels high (or 307mm wide X 220mm wide). This is A4 Landscape.
2. Have a resolution of 300dpi, CMYK (if possible) and in .jpg format.
3. Images not in 300dpi resolution can be optimised, but their overall quality would still be upscaled to accommodate 300dpi print and quality will be affected.
3. Images not submitted in CMYK colour format can be changed to this (from the typical RGB colour scheme used digitally onscreen), however please be aware that some minor colour alteration will occur during the converting process.
4. Include your IFAS username (if you are a member), and details if you are a member of an astronomy club or society.
5. This is NOT exclusive to registered users in Ireland/Irish registrants of the IFAS website, so those outside of irish shores but who visit and partake with us frequently, have a chance to get involved!

What you need to do
Submit your favourite astrophotos on anything you want. Please DO NOT RESIZE IT to a smaller resolution or dimension. Send your image attached via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line 'IFAS Calendar Competition 2018'.

What will happen next?
All images submitted will be added into a poll, and the 12 highest voted images will be the winners for inclusion in the 2018 calendar.

Terms and Conditions
1. All images submitted will be the property of the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies for the sole purpose of the production of a 2018 Calendar and/or promotion within the IFAS universe.
2. Images reproduced will be done so with full credit to the astrophotographer(s) involved.
3. No monetary alternative will be accepted for an image to be included.
4. No money will be paid for an image to be included.
5. In the event of any tie breaker situation, the decision will be made by the IFAS Committee.

These conditions are subject to change. This will be referenced in the edited info on the bottom right-hand corner of this post.

Closing Date: Monday September 11th 2017.
No images will be accepted after midnight on this date. Following this deadline, all images that qualify will be displayed for open cast voting for a nominal period, after which the 12 best voted images are placed into our 2018 calendar template, making it ready for purchase before the end of October.

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