Messier 41

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7 months 4 days ago #106483 by mariosi
mariosi created the topic: Messier 41
Messier 41,

Constellation Canis Major
Right ascension 06h 46.0m
Declination −20° 46′
Distance 2,300 ly (710 pc)
Apparent magnitude (V) 4.5
Apparent dimensions (V) 38 arcmin
Physical characteristics
Radius 12.5 ly
Estimated age 190 million yrs
Other designations M41,NGC 2287

Messier 41 (also known as M41 or NGC 2287) is an open cluster in the Canis Major constellation. It was discovered by Giovanni Batista Hodierna before 1654 and was perhaps known to Aristotle about 325 BC.M41 lies about four degrees almost exactly south of Sirius, and forms a triangle with it and Nu2 Canis Majoris—all three can be seen in the same field in binoculars. The cluster itself covers an area around the size of the full moon. It contains about 100 stars including several red giants, the brightest being a spectral type K3 giant of apparent magnitude 6.3 near the cluster's center, and a number of white dwarfs.The cluster is estimated to be moving away from us at 23.3 km/s.The diameter of the cluster is between 25 and 26 light years. It is estimated to be 190 million years old, and cluster properties and dynamics suggest a total life expectancy of 500 million years for this cluster, before it will have disintegrated.(Wikipedia)

Dobsonian S/W solid tube 10 inches f4.7
T/S 30mm plossl

Thanks for looking
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7 months 4 days ago #106484 by flt158
flt158 replied the topic: Messier 41
Very fine sketch, Marios.
It has been some years since I observed M41.
I do seem to remember seeing an orange star somewhere within the cluster.
I wonder when I am going to experience clear skies again.
We had some last week -but I was too busy with Valentine's Day and a few other things.

Clear skies,

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