15 carbon stars in Andromeda

9 months 1 week ago #106993 by flt158
Good evening everybody.
Since late 2016 I have been been observing carbon stars in Andromeda.
These are the designations, dates, magnitudes and brief descriptions of them all.

1. SU And 1/10/16 mag 8.5 Good orange
2. VX And 10/12/16 mag 8 Strong red
3. AQ And 29/12/16 mag 8 Fine orange
4. HIP 4252 29/12/16 mag 8.6 Weak slight orange
5. UY And 13/1/17 mag 10 Strong red
6. ST And 20/1/17 mag 10 Very dim and decent orange.
7. VY And 25/11/17 mag 9.8 Faint and good orange.
8. EW And 8/12/17 mag 9 Moderately bright and good orange.
9. HD 218851 6/1/18 mag 9.9. Faint and quite good red.
10. EU And 18/1/18 mag 10.4 Extremely faint but good red.
11. EV And 1/2/18 mag 10.6 Extremely dim but rich orange.
12. TYC 3639-2155 6/2/18 mag 11.2 Faintest carbon so far. Dim red.
13. HO And 9/02/18 mag 9.7 Good orange in same FOV as SU And.
14. TYC 2262-936 20/02/18 mag 10.2 Very dim red star.
15. KL And 6/02/18 mag 10.8. Quite intense but dim orange star.

Guide 9.1 provided all the printed maps.
My William Optics 158 mm apochromatic refractor has been busy finding all these over the last year and a half!

Thank you for reading.
Clear skies from Aubrey.
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8 months 3 weeks ago - 8 months 3 weeks ago #107004 by flt158
Good evening, all once again.
Maybe I should change the headline to 18 carbon stars in Andromeda.
My 16th carbon star in this amazing constellation is TYC 3302-332-1.
I observed it on March 8th and it has a rich orange hue with a magnitude of 10.7.
I used magnifications of 40X and 112X.
It's near PZ Andromedae.
On that same evening, I also found V 421 Andromedae which was extremely faint at 11.3 magnitude.
To see its dim red colour, I used 167X and 225X.
And finally for sure, TYC 3303-1082-1 which I observed on Monday 19th March.
It is quite bright at 10.2 and has a lovely orange colour. It looks great at 167X.
Nearby is the double star HJ 2144. Magnitudes are 8.9 and 10.4. Separation is 27". PA is 260 degrees.
Nice split at 40X. Both stars are orange though not carbon.
I'm having a break now from Andromeda for about 6 months as it is getting low in the northern sky.

Clear skies to all from Aubrey.
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