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1 week 5 days ago #106958 by johnomahony
johnomahony created the topic: Mak Attack !!
I finally pressed the button and bought yet another scope. I am now the proud owner of both the 90mm and 127mm Skywatcher Maks (the 127mm being my latest acquisition).

I had owned the 90mm for about three years and found that it was by far my most used scope. Perfect for popping outside between breaks in the clouds or before leaving for work in the morning. Up and ready to use in 30 seconds. Great views of the moon , planets and brighter DSOs'. I have it mounted on an old EQ1 that had been lying around unused for 10 years.I put a motor drive on it and bought a solar filter - it is a fantastic all round scope which takes great pictures of the sun and moon with its integrated T2 adapter.

I was looking for a bit more aperture but still a grab and go scope. I thought about getting a large achromat (127mm). An ED Apo would have been nice but outside my budget. The minimun spend on an ED scope around 4 inches is about 1000 Euro for a decent one. Maybe next time ! I still have a 4" triplet on my bucket list.

I ordered the 127mm. At the prices they are going for they look like great value. I have only had a chance to test it between breaks in the clouds this weekend. It looks pretty sharp. The real test will be on the moon and Jupiter when the weather breaks. I have it on my old Skywatcher AZ4 mount which handles it well. (It is heavier than I thought). Its a nice portable option with a 30 second set up time outside. I can see it being my most used scope.

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1 week 4 days ago #106959 by lunartic
lunartic replied the topic: Mak Attack !!
Recently got once of these myself, it is excellent on the moon, haven't had the chance to try it on the planets. It works great on double stars too.

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