NGC 2359 (Thor's Helmet)

9 months 1 week ago #106989 by Kinch
It has been a while since I visited these pages - once I started doing things on Facebook, it just seemed to take over. Also, I note that I have not received email notice of some posts here since I looked in last. My fault no doubt. Perhaps the emails just got pushed to one side.....I will have to watch more carefully.

This is my last effort at Thor's Helmet for this year. It never gets very high where I have the scope in SE Spain - so a few hours at most every night. Every night that's clear, that is. It is far from being the sunny climes that during that recent bad weather, some may have been picturing for Spain.

Anyway - I hope that if you have not seen this on Facebook, you will enjoy it from here. There is a link as usual to my Web Site.....I hope you have a computer (rather than a hand held device) to see higher resolution images.


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9 months 1 week ago #106990 by flt158
Yes, Kinch. I am sorry too that scary Facebook has taken over the world.
So I therefore greatly appreciate your excellent image of Thor's Helmet.
As far as I know this magnificent nebula is in Cassiopeia.
Your colours are only spellbinding!

Keep them coming,

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9 months 1 week ago #106991 by Kinch
Yes - once one starts on Facebook, it sinks in that it should always be attended to. Which of course is nonsense. From my side, I always use the Web site that I constructed as the final stop for my images - with as much info as possible on those pages. Those that have seen my activity on the web will know that I am always trying to draw people to that site ..... but then again Aubrey, I guess that a fair number still use hand-held devices for that. The site is not designed for that - so I guess I am still not winning :-(

Thanks for the comment on the colours. I have spent many hours (days) working and re-working that image. Last time I imaged the same area it necessitated similar attention. This one is with a different scope - so I had to equal or better my last effort :-)

It is similar with the one I am working on now - NGC 2327. It is an area I imaged previously and Iam hoping for a better result this time around. If I get that finished before heading overseas to work - I'll be sure to put it up here. In the meantime....call in to my website anytime... www.KinchAstro.com .

I just had to give it another plug :-)

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9 months 1 week ago #106992 by flt158
Please keep plugging on about your website.
It's truly sensational!
I have just come in from doing one hour observing and I have found another carbon star in Andromeda.
Full list coming up with dates.

Thank you from Aubrey.

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