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With plans to relocate in Ireland (to get away from extremes of heat ) , I have been using various astronomy and meteorology websites to search for the most suitable location with reference to a compromise between the driest part of the country, light pollution and not being isolated in the middle of nowhere.
The Atlantic depressions not helping ......Is Ireland the right choice to install a PlaneWave 20" and do useful deep sky observation and research ? or should I look elsewhere ?
The equipment and ancillaries will be expensive to purchase and set up and I cannot afford a mistake in location ; so far I have come up with County Wexford, if that is correct ? but where in the County would be the best area.
I look forward to your comments and suggestions and thank you in anticipation.
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It's ironic that you are posting this now, because we are currently experiencing a most unusual and prolonged heatwave, with night after night of clear skies. I assure you this is not normally the case!

As a general rule, weather improves but light pollution deteriorates as you move west to east in Ireland. Your choice of Wexford in the south-east does seem like the most logical compromise - the inland areas of the county would have darker skies than the more developed coastal strip. I am personally sceptical however, that 'useful deep sky observation and research' can be carried out in this country. Lord Rosse and his Giant telescope were bedevilled by fog, cloud and rain 150 years ago and not much has changed. I don't know anything about your budget or cultural preferences, but a location in southern Europe sounds more suitable for your needs. A site in France would be less liable to extreme heat conditions than eg Spain, Italy or Greece.

I should say though, that Ireland's greatest observing asset is its lack of light pollution compared to most of urbanised Europe, and that amateur observing campaigns can be carried on adequately here.


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Good morning and many thanks for your speedy reply.

I have just replied to you but my reply does not appear !
I am new to IFAS and just in case I have searched for a maximum length "logged in " period but cannot see any........ Is there one ?

Thank you also for your suggestions; however, the Costa Blanca , the Charente Maritime, Gers, Landes, Dordogne, are for 3 years running having summer heat waves. I was :
1) hoping to get away from them
2) live amongst English speaking kindred spirits (my knowledge is in English)

Having been an expat most of my life (French passport with 35 years in UK + other several international moves) and joined numerous local amateur astronomy associations I have noticed that most expats normally shy away from long term scientific pursuits/hobbies, hence my wish to return to an English speaking country.

With the awareness of the effects of the Gulfstream, for my geographical searches I mainly use these websites:

I thank you for your honesty, but from your comments it looks as if relocating in south-east Ireland would not do justice to the equipment which I have been saving for for a long time.

Should other members have sound comments and suggestions...... I am all ears /eyes.

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May I suggest you consider these two charts:

Mean Annual Sunshine Hours for Ireland

Monthly Rainfall across Ireland

Weather of course is but one factor.
Language, social environment, cost of living, etc are others.

Out of curiosity, have you looked at other options aside from owning your own observatory?
i.e. remote imaging?


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