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20 years 1 week ago #2128 by Jimmy Miller
Johns Kind Introduction - Coronado Binomites was created by Jimmy Miller
> Hello all
> As John has been good enough to praise the product the least I can do is
> fill in the blanks.
> The all important price is EUR 139 each for the Binomites.
> Yes we are the newly appointed Coronado dealer here which will be announced
> properly on our website which is being re vamped at the moment and soon in
> an Astronomy Now Advert.
> The full Coronado range will be/is on offer with a special deal for advanced
> orders of the PST Solar Scope, in particular, which looks a real winner.
> For the Venus day out we are offering specials ( I hate that word.. its
> always sounds a bit like...EUR 19.99 99 99 99 DIS MADNESS MUST END...if you
> know what I mean ) on all Solar equipment and Filters ( Alpha & White light
> ).
> If anyone is interested you an contact me on jimmy@andromedaoptics.com
> Order early, if you can, as demand will be brisk worlwide with Venus coming
> up.

Regards & Clearskies

Jimmy Miller
Andromeda Optics
Phone: + 353 1 624 9696
Fax : + 353 1 496 6878
email : jimmy@andromedaoptics.com
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> I\'ve been wanting to get a pair of these for a while and bought a pair at
> the UK Astrofest last weekend. The clouds have parted today but I\'ve just
> discovered the Sun is behind a tree at the end of the car park at work so
> I\'m a little :( and :roll:
> however, a quick glance through them last Saturday was a real joy and I\'m
> really pleased with their performance. The spec is x10 with 25mm optics --
> you may occasionally need to steady the binocs to get a better view. I\'ve
> downloaded the technical stats on the instruments and once I\'ve had a look
> at them I\'ll do up a review for Arcturus.
> the bottom line though is that Coronado have come up with a real winner and
> my only regret is not purchasing a pair much sooner (as in, when those big
> groups were on the Sun last October). The Binomites are sure to be a big
> seller too in advance of the Venus transit in June.
> Andromeda Optics are the Coronado dealers in Ireland though I\'m not sure
> what price Wally and Jimmy will be pitching the binoculars at.
> have a good weekend folks!
> John Flannery,
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