SETI Conference in Bulgaria report

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SETI Conference in Bulgaria report was created by eansbro

I was a participant and invited speaker at a 3 day SETI CONFERENCE at Bulgarian Academy of Science which took place between the 6th and 8th November in Sofia, Bulgaria.

A specialist scientific conference with a fundamental difference as compared to Western SETI radio and optical. It was held at Russian Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria. The Bulgarians and Russians have a totally different approach to SETI with a much wider remit as compared to western scientific thinking.

This was the eleventh scientific conference ‘Space, Ecology, Security’, organized by the Institute for Space Exploration and Technology at BAN (Bulgarian Academy of Science).

Title: ‘Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena. Alien Civilizations – For and Against’ facilitated by Prof. Lachazar Filipov, Head of Space Exploration and Technology.

Dedicated to the scientific approach towards unidentified aerospace phenomena and the development of the way mankind is thinking about contact with other civilizations.

This was a serious scientific conference that took place for the second time. It drew on the possible contact with other cosmic civilizations in the near future. It was a timely scientific basis reaching the widest possible vision of what life and consciousness are, for us to be prepared adequately for future contact with beings of our level of development, or even higher. For this purpose, the necessary platforms and scientific bodies need to be created, which have to approach this topic openly and seriously and to do so in full collaboration with society. It is important to track the achievements of the already functional European and Russian laboratories for phenomena exploration, as well as the organizations for systematic sky monitoring, with the aim to register abnormal occurrences.
The discussions at the conference were the following:

Problems in searching for signs of alien civilizations – active and passive monitoring. Life on other planets. Guest lecturers from the Russian Academy of Sciences, the SETI - California Institute and GEIPAN – the French Space Agency.

- The ‘Crop Circle’ problem. A discussion featuring representatives from the biggest bodies exploring this phenomenon, from the USA, Russia, the UK, Italy and France.

- It showed that records for contact of a higher-level being hidden – documents confirming that information around actual contacts are being classified. Misinformation about ET crashes. Italian and French experts will show and discuss data and eyewitness accounts. It was agreed that the announcement of first contact or even disclosure will not be from the USA. French Space Agency has been frustrated by the USA as regards disclosure.
A wide range Scientists from different departments within the Bulgarian Academy of Science dealing with the following:

Electromagnetic studies of crop circles.
Mathematical evaluation of crop circles
Results from communications with crop circle creators by using Bulgarian psychics and Russian encryption engineers from Cosmos Space City, Moscow.
Determining language of the crop circles.
Fractal Universe as a foundation for humans and ETs
SETI using neutrino communication devices
SETA: Artefacts on the Moon
SETA: Ancient artefacts on Earth.

Other scientists from other countries dealing with the following:

Gravitational communications,
Superluminal communications (not within the EM spectrum) and developed instrumentation for instant communications no matter what the distance.
Faster than light travel methods.
The United Nations role.
SETI protocols within International Astronautical Association, which has the remit for informing the UN for first contact.
The Vatican’s role as regards to ET contact. An official Vatican publication of contact with ET civilizations..

The conference was live steamed to Eastern block countries and all of Latin America countries (in Spanish)

Their were about 400 scientists for the 3 day event.
I have been to other SETI conferences in the UK and USA, but this SETI conference was refreshing with a completely different approach.

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Replied by Joergn on topic SETI Conference in Bulgaria report

Hey Eamonn

Do you think an ETI may be in our Solar neighbour hood? How would they travel and communicate to us?

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Replied by eansbro on topic SETI Conference in Bulgaria report


Those are interesting questions. This is going to be a long answer but worth reading.

"Do you think an ETI may be in our Solar neighbour hood? How would they travel and communicate to us?"

We may have Extraterrestrial Intelligence probes, occupied craft,etc (aka. Bracewell probes, Von Neuman probes)
If they have reached our Solar neigbourhood, where have they come from?
From other planets within our Galaxy or from another galaxy?. From other dimensions?

Are there Manned or robotic probes using/ Wormholes/ zero point energy/ quantum tunelling/ teleportation. To get to our Solar neigbourhood.

Faster then light travel or FTL travel from a star system 500 light years distance may take a very short tiime when applying one of the above processes. Here is a possible scenario:

Departing from there star system would require accelerating to light speed which could be about of 3.5 hours, the craft then would flip into a hyperspace having gone outside our space time , the flip into hyperspace may only be seconds then flipping out of hyperspace into space time and then decelerating into our Solar System reducing its time that may take 3.5 hours. The longest period of time is the acceleration to achieve the speed of light, and likewise deceleration to slow down from the speed of light. Interestingly enough this process has the advantage that distance to targets may not be an issue as regards the time to any destination certainly within our own galaxy.

Detecting an ET signature:

It may be extremely low detecting another civilization if they are using radio, microwave. Even if they are using quantum super luminal communications or QSC it may be possible to detect there signal assuming we have the same technology.

For example, a timid home bodies type ET civilisation (Kardashev class 0.7) would have technology similar to ours. ie. using the EM spectrum. They would be confined within there own Solar System.

However, other ET civilisations above Kardashev class 0.7 may have a much higher detection rate because they have achieved breakthrough technologies that provides galactic exploration and expansion. These classes of ET civilisations are the most likely to have reached our Solar neigbourhood.

Here are the reasons for detecting higher classes of civilisations.

Both communications and travel are via other dimensions and not through linear space/time. And yet these other dimensions are folded within and contained within space/time. It is a quantum universe- and every star-faring culture would likely apply these methodologies. This means that virtually every manifestation of their presence can only be addressed fundamentally by new methodologies and tools.

By definition: any ET civilization (for example Kardeshev type) 2) from another star system that has reached our Solar neigbourhood must be Trans-dimensional. You cannot get from one star system to another at or below the speed of light. It is just too slow. And this means that all potential ET civilizations visiting our Solar neigbourhood would have to use TDIS: some form of Trans-Dimensional Interstellar methods.

It follows that ET communication devices would modulate within fields beyond the speed of light. This means they can interface within the Quantum Universe using Superluminal Communications or QSC.

A space communications based on (QSC) could use existing new technologies for converting transverse EM into longitudinal (scalar) electro gravitic waves leading to quantum superluminal communications (QSC). I believe this technology is really the route to take that may make the first contact with ETs because it still encompasses a type of Trans Dimensional Communications that ET civilisations may be using normally. This also means that human operators would have to be awake to having there thoughts detected by the ET team that may be within a space craft or space station or whatever within our Solar neibourhood. ETs most likely are using telepathy as a normal means of communications amongst themselves. Although Earth based humans have the ability for telepathic communications, unfortunately completely under developed, will require consciousness assisted technology within the QSC framework to overcome this problem.

Our opportunities of communications are wide open to a range of different ET civilisations within this scenario that are likely visiting the Solar neibourhood. This would fit modifications of the Drake equation and the Fermi Paradox. The original models were constrained by the limitations of the speed of light (Drake equation) where the Fermi Paradox is constrained by classical physics.

In my opinion we have to apply new tools that can be used in the quantum Universe if we want first contact. Our search within the EM spectrum is futile. To search expectantly for a radio signal from an extraterrestrial source is probably as culture bound a presumption as to search the galaxy for a good Italian restaurant. And yet, this has been chosen as the avenue by which it is assumed contact is likely to occur.

The recent Breakthrough Initiative funding ($100million) at the Royal Society this year by Stephen Hawking and others is assuming that other civilisations are using similar technologies within the EM spectrum. Although it may be possible for detecting a signature, it does rule out a wide spectrum of other types of ET civilisations that are using technologies that would be impossible to detect because we are using the wrong physics.

I hope that gives you a flavour of answers to your questions.

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