The People's College beginners classes (hosted by the IAS)

1 year 11 months ago #106949 by johnflannery
Hi all,

First off, if I've broken any IFAS rules with this post then feel free to delete. Apologies in advance.

Second, the classes listed below will be mostly given by myself so I have to declare that. Also, The People's College pay a stipend directly to the Irish Astronomical Society and not to me.

The IAS were invited last autumn by The People's College to run a 12-week beginners astronomy course. A total of 27 people signed up and the course finished last Tuesday. The course will be repeated beginning on February 13th and enrolments are now open.

Giving the course has been a learning experience for me. I found some nights there was too much content being presented and it didn't allow for discussions. My knowledge is a bit weak in areas of astronomy so that's something I'd like to brush up on too. Having some of our members give the lectures was a great help as they have specific areas of expertise/interest. I'd also like to try make more time each evening on the next course for participants to chat after or start a group discussion.

The cost is €110 and more details about enrolling is on The People's College web site

A summary of the course content can be found at


John Flannery ( aurorawatcher - at * gmail - dot * com ... remove hyphens/asterisks/spaces for email)
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1 year 11 months ago #106950 by JohnONeill

Thanks for the information. It sounds like a great venture.

By the way I am not sure about what you mean about breaking IFAS rules. After all, the laudable aim of IFAS is given as:

"The aim of the Federation shall be to promote the interests and development of amateur astronomical societies in Ireland".


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