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Help required with Arcturus article was created by spculleton
I'm planning an article for the July/August Arcturus celebrating the tenth anniversary of Shoemaker/Levy 9's impact with Jupiter. Similar to the favourite binocular sights part of the Leading Lights article in the May/June issue I would like to include a section from a member of each of the societies/clubs in the IFAS. I am inviting interested parties from each of the clubs/societies to PM me with submissions for this article of about 100-150 words which detail their memories of Shoemaker/Levy 9. These could be observational records or simply persoanl reflections. I've included an example below.

The Comet and Me.

The impact of Shoemaker/Levy 9 was of great personal importance for me. It was the month after my Leaving Certificate and I was whiling away my time behind the counter of a petrol station. During quiet times I read Time magazine and I came across an article about the comet, it's discoverers and it's importance. My view of the world above me changed forever. I decided to start taking an active interest in astronomy. The impact of that comet was important for all astronomers, but especially for me; it led me to the hobby I enjoy so much today.

Thanks for your time.

Shane Culleton.

Dozo Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu

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