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Hello all, I hope you are keeping well. I have decided to sell my William optics 110 flt triplet apochromatic refractor. Simple reason for selling is that since I purchased my APM 120 Binoculars, I hardly use it for visual observing and therefore cannot simply justify holding on to it. I am going to miss it ;-(

This is a triplet apochromatic refractor of 110mm aperature (4.3"), optics are nothing short of superb with a high quality 1.25" eyepiece, though it is also designed to take 2" eyepieces. The colours of the stars are amazing. This is ideal for the Moon, Planets, brighter star clusters and nebulae, also double star observing. It is an F7 system, 770mm in length. It weighs 6.5kg so is not too taxing on arms, back or indeed a sturdy tripod.

This telescope is designed for astrophotography as it has a backlit digital distance focuser displayed in millimeteres for accurate focus with a camera or ccd, requiring a MN21 small battery, and a dual crayford focusing system, coarse and fine adjustment with locking screws. This focuser also rotates 360 degrees to frame a target for astrophotograpy, a nice plus.

It also comes with two tube rings, dovetail plate and a dielectric 1.25" diagonal for the eyepiece. This was manufactured in 2009 and I have the original manufacturing document. I have been the only owner.

I have treated this like a baby, you will find it hard to get a cleaner instrument of this design and quality. I bought it from Ian king Imaging in the UK for €2500 in 2010. This is like new.

I think it is not unreasonable to ask for €1400. I know we are still under Level 5 restrictions, but I am available for viewing most days hopefully when they are lifted soon. This would make a superb Christmas present to yourself ;-) The manual for this scope is here:

Thanks for looking,

If a telescope can fit into your backyard it's too small. If you can't move it, it's too big." -- John Dobson
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