Cambridge Double Star Atlas

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Cambridge Double Star Atlas was created by lunartic_old

I had been looking at this atlas for some time, Amazon offered me a £5 discount and free shipping, so I ordered it.
The atlas is spiral bound, which I believe to be better than a book with a spine, it can be folded over if sitting on a table or placed on your knee.  The opening pages contain information on double stars, PA, separation, catalogues, colours, etc.  Also resolution, optics, calculating the Dawes limit, seeing and a lot more information that is useful.  There is a section on the view through a straight through scope or a scope employing a mirror diagonal, with a diagram showing the view, which is useful to know when at the eyepiece.
The maps themselves are what you would expect from Wil Tirion, colourful and concise.  There are the usual bright deep sky objects, galaxies, globulars, etc.  The double stars are printed in black for the main stars, Albireo, Sirius, et al, and green for those from the Struve, Herschel, Dunlop and other catalogues listed in the book.
The information on these stars are found at the back of the book, where the constellations are listed with information on the double stars.
There are 2500 double stars listed, many in the southern hemisphere, but still enough to keep a double star enthusiast happy for some time.
If you are a star hopper, then I believe that this atlas will work well with a more detailed atlas, Uranometria or an online programme where star charts can be printed, to allow hopping to the fainter targets.
The final pages contain lists of catalogues and double star formulas, lots of mathematical symbols here, I quickly passed on, double star orbits and the Greek alphabet.
I believe this book will appeal to those who wish to make a start in observing double stars, as well as those with more experience who can see a list of doubles in each constellation.
I find that I will take advantage of this atlas, in conjunction with Uranometria when the double stars come calling.

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Replied by flt158 on topic Cambridge Double Star Atlas

Hi, Paul
I, for one, am delighted to learn of your purchase.
The Cambridge Double Star Atlas is a fine book.
And I am sure you will use it for many years to come.
So it's thumbs up from me.

Clear skies from Aubrey.
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Replied by Until_then-Goodnight! on topic Cambridge Double Star Atlas

Hi Paul,

You've provided us with a brilliant overview of this book. I wish you the very best of luck hunting down double stars over the coming weeks and months.

Clear skies,

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