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19 years 9 months ago #3337 by albertw
Hi folks,

Some requests from the vt-2004 project, full details below.

1. Can you please send an press clippings in particular press clippings from regional papers to Ian Elliott, address below.

2. The Irish Node would like to publish the results of observers on the website. For individuals please respond to the survey in the files section and the results of this can be used. For groups and schools, please send details directly or post a report on this board and I'll forward it on.

3. www.imcce.fr/vt2004/en/images_eng.html is a ESO website where the vt-2004 project hopes to build up a database of images that can be used for educational purposes in future. The site has details on how to upload images etc.

4. The vt-2004.org site had 34 million hits and transferred 1.1Tb of data during the transit. Any stats on the hits on this site Bart?


Dear Colleagues,

As I mentioned, ESO wishes to obtain press cuttings about the transit (see
below). Please send cuttings, especially from regional newspapers to me at
Pinecroft, Kilternan, Dublin 18 and I will forward them to ESO.

Many thanks,

Ian Elliott


Dear National Nodes organisers,

I hope that you have been able to relax a little since yesterday. Here at
ESO we still have a lot of webhits and keep receiving drawings and photos,
but in a some days, the load will probably be back to normal again.

This message is on a single, but important subject which may not have been
sufficiently emphasized until now - please secure press clippings, etc. from
your area while you still can! For instance, here in Germany, there are
numerous reports about the enormous public interest and the myriad of events
in all corners of the country - it almost seems as if the reporters were
"taken by surprise" over this interest. Perhaps this was also a useful
lesson for some of the media about people's inclinations they had not
considered sufficiently before?

In any case, one of the main subjects of the VT-2004 Final Event, to be held
in Paris on November 5-7, 2004, is an evaluation of the impact of the
VT-2004 programme (at various levels). We want to draw conclusions about how
a unique public education programme like this can/should be handled,
learning for the future and preparing for another event if an opportunity
would arrive (very bright comet, nearby supernovae...?). Clearly the
reaction in the media to the Venus transit is of great value in this

We would like to deposit all related material on a "VT-2004 DVD", including
press clippings, video clips etc. So please secure this material now, before
it disappears. We would be glad to receive it in electronic form if you can
manage. If not, as old-fashioned clippings which we will then scan and file.

Thank you for you precious and fast collaboration on this important task.

We need of course at some moment your reports, and will come back on this

Kind regards,


Richard West e-mail: rwest@eso.org
ESO Education and Public Relations Dept. Tel +49-89-32006276
Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2 Fax +49-89-3202362
D-85748 Garching (Germany)

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that despite the cloudiness, you saw the transit and maybe even took
some pictures or made a measurement. We have had some reports of happenings
around the country but we would like more! Please let us know how the day
went for you and we will collate the results in an album on the Irish
website. Some suggestions for information:

1. Weather!

2. Did you take any pictures? Please send a few of the best or the address
of a website where they may be accessed.

3. Did you time any of the contacts? If so, what value did you get for the
AU? Did you report your timings to www.vt-2004.org ?

4. Did you observe the Black Drop Effect?

5. If you held a public event, how many telescopes were operating and
roughly how many people viewed the transit?

6. Please list schools which were involved, i.e. name of school and contact

7. Please list the places the Solarscopes donated by the NSC were used.

8. Please list any media events (radio / TV / newspapers) you were involved

9. Anything else of interest!

Please reply to ie@dunsink.dias.ie


Ian Elliott
On behalf of the National Steering Committee for VT-2004.

Original Message
From: rwest@eso.org [mailto:rwest@eso.org]
Sent: 08 June 2004 12:50

Dear friends,

a quick message to say that there is no doubt that the Day of the Transit
has been an outstanding success. Thank you to everybody who helped to
achieve this! We will be back with details and we will have to discuss how
it all went, but just for now - we had about 34 million hits and sent about
1.1 Tb during the past 24 hours from the VT-2004 website, 10 times more than
the Mercury transit last year. We had a lot of mails and there is no doubt
that the VT-2004 programme has moved a lot - the public events, the many
schools activitated, the media that reported with an unheard-of intensity,
think of the 2100 observing groups registered, think of the AU calculation
on-line that went without any noticable hitch - a first in the history of
mankind(!), the many photographs and drawings, the very rich website that
will be available for years to come, etc., etc.

The Venus 2004 transit was a great opportunity which we did not miss....!

Now we must take it easy and try to assemble our thoughts again.


Kind regards,

Richard West
(on behalf of the VT-2004 ISC)

Richard West e-mail: rwest@eso.org
ESO Education and Public Relations Dept. Tel +49-89-32006276
Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2 Fax +49-89-3202362
D-85748 Garching (Germany)

Albert White MSc FRAS
Chairperson, International Dark Sky Association - Irish Section

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19 years 9 months ago #3363 by voyager

Any stats on the hits on this site Bart?

Saddly no, our stats package is pretty basic, it only gives me monthly totals :cry:


My Home Page - www.bartbusschots.ie

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