Stripey Crater Walls

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Stripey Crater Walls was created by lunartic_old

Hi there

I've just finished an observing session on the moon using the 100mm TAL refractor, with a 5mm Vixen I was observing the high polar region to the north of Plato when I saw that there were stripes on the crater walls of Goldschmidt. I could make out three black stripes on the southern wall and two on the northern wall, I've never seen anything like this before. Looking at my Rukl atlas I could see that the walls of Goldschmidt are broken, they look like the lava that filled the crater floor spilled over lower lying areas of the walls.

There are a number of things that I really enjoy when it comes to lunar observing. Looking around the edge of the moon and seeing the higher points of craters that lie on the limbs. The shadows cast by the various objects, lonely mountain peaks with elongated shadows stretching across the maria. Terraced walls such as Copernicus giving an indication of a series of steps to the crater floor. I also enjoy putting a high magnification eyepiece in, turning off the clock drive and getting that Apollo viewing window experience as the lunar landscape passes beneath, wonderful.

On a final night, about summer observing, there something really nice in starting a session wearing a t-shirt and jeans, it got a litle colder later and required a jumper. It's good not to feel like the Michelan Man's fatter brother.

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Replied by Calibos on topic Re:Stripey Crater Walls

LOL, Now that you mention it. I don't think I have ever seen you Paul without the Michelin Man disguise :D

If I ever come knocking on your door (for some reason :D ) and you answer, I'll be saying, "Hi, You must be Pauls 'little' brother, Can I speak to Paul please?" :D
Keith D.

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