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Survey was created by albertw


Marting asked me to forward this on. It will be particularly useful to get the responses from those of you in Northern Ireland as the results will be sent to DEFRA.


Lighting Nuisance Survey

This pilot survey is intended to determine the sources and types of lighting problems in the UK and whether local authorities have been able to help. The results will be published and supplied to Defra. Please note that this survey is optional and the data will be anonymised prior to use. No personal data will be retained.

I would be grateful if you would spend a few minutes filling in the form and returning it to me at the address at the bottom. Please only fill in the survey if you believe that you are suffering as a result of artificial lighting.

Your name (Optional) Your contact details (Optional)

1. Do you suffer from light pollution?

Yes *

No *

2. Where are the lights?

Licenced goods vehicle operating premises *

Airport *

Public service vehicle operating centre *

Harbour *

Railway premises *

Lighthouse *

Tramway premises *

Prison *

Bus stations and associated facilities *

Premises occupied for defence purposes *

Supermarket *

Office Block *

Other business premises *

Street lighting *

(Under 5 years old) *

(Over 5 years old) *

Religious premises, churches, temples, etc *

Private dwelling *

School/other educational establishment *

Sports ground (please state which sort) *

Golf driving ranges *

Other (please state) *

Name of the light source (optional)

3. Are the lights -

In the car park *

On the perimeter of the building *

Advertising Hoarding (please state type) *

Skybeam (or laser light shows) *

4. Are the lights on

All night *

Go off at a certain time (please state when) *

5. What problems is the lighting causing you?

Shining into a bedroom window stopping sleep *

Shining into another window, eg lounge *

Shining across your driveway *

Danger to traffic on the highway *

Spoiling the night sky from your property *

Spoiling the night sky from other property (eg a park) *

Spoiling the view of the countryside from your property *

6. Do you live in-

England *

Ireland (Republic) *

Ireland (Northern) *

Scotland *

Wales *

7. Have you complained to your

Council environmental health department *

Council planning department *

MP *

Not complained *

8. Has your council been supportive?

Yes *

No *

9. Are you an amateur astronomer?

Yes *

No *

Thank you. Please return to Martin Morgan-Taylor at mart at dmu.ac.uk or

School of Law, DeMontfort University, The Gateway, Leicester LE1 9BH.

By Friday, 25th January 2008.
Albert White MSc FRAS
Chairperson, International Dark Sky Association - Irish Section
15 years 3 months ago #56668

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