Light pollution from shopping Center - What are my options?

11 years 2 weeks ago #79796 by valen

About 9 months ago in Skerries they opened a new shopping center near me. Light pollution went up a bit but that's to be expected. What is a pain the ass though is that the center uses lights on the pavement for effect that shine upwards and are caught by the roof overhead, well mostly. There's one that shines up into the sky like the friggin Bat Searchlight! I'd love to be able to get something done as it's a pain for any casual stronomy that I want to do in the back garden.

Has anyone had any experience like this before? I should probably contact the builders but I'd say they'll be falling over themselves to come and fix that! Not even sure what the best approach is since mentioning astronomy is bound to make them spring into action on my behalf! maybe the Council are a good place to start?

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11 years 2 weeks ago #79802 by Frank Ryan
At the risk of being shot by the 'off topic' police.
It's a pity we as a nation pass outdated 'Blasphemy Liable' laws
and not 'Local pollution' laws like in the UK.
Over there you would be well within your rights to write to the
local council and have that light or lights either removed or some other way sorted.

As for what you can do here.
I am at a loss.
Some on this site are heavily involved in the light pollution issue,
Maybe they can offer advice.
My heart goes out to you though,.

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11 years 2 weeks ago #79803 by Calibos
Does the shop sell paint? It would be unfortunate if some black paint spilled on that light fitting. :laugh: Not to worry, the local yobs will sort those lights out soon enough. I have yet to see those fancy lights inset in the pavement make it to their first bulb change before being smashed. I've often wondered why places bother going to the expense of installing these. They always get smashed in short order.

Keith D.

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