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The Globe at Night 2014 program has begun!

All thats involved is to observe Orion sometime in the next week and compare the number of stars you can see with the images at

The dates for other constellations to observe during the year are at

All details are on the main site at

Please take a couple of minutes from your observing to take an estimate of the light pollution. Results from dark skies as well as light polluted areas are useful. If clubs could mention this to their members I'd appreciate it.


Albert White MSc FRAS
Chairperson, International Dark Sky Association - Irish Section
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Hi Al,

That's a great website thanks. I also found the following useful links:

Two apps that can measure the Light Pollution/Dark Sky in your area:

For Android: 'Loss of the Night' The data from 'Loss of the night' is sent to the Globe at Night project as part of their international dark sky campaign. Alternatively you can click on the link Al included above and follow the 5 steps.

For iPhone:

Found in this article:

There's only 2 readings on the Globe at Night interactive map outside of Dublin so far - so it'd be great to get more up on the map.

I measured a value of about 21 or limiting magnitude 6 using the Dark Sky Meter in Furbogh, Co. Galway. This is about 7 miles from Galway city. I also got a value of about 6 magnitude in the same location by counting the stars in the Constellation Hercules last Thurs, Aug 21st using the the Globe at Night method.
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