Lunar observations -27 June 2017

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Good evening, all.
Tuesday night 27th June, I observed Regulus and the Moon before sunset at 11 pm local time. (2200 UT).
They were 2.5 degrees apart and a very nice conjunction too. The Moon was 3.8 days old. There was no earthshine observed in my William Optics 158 mm apochromatic refractor. I used magnifications up to 167X.
Petavius was most spectacular on this occasion. I found its central peak massively appealing plus Rima Petavius deeply satisfying to behold.
As a very pleased owner of Antonin Rukl's Atlas of the Moon, which I had with me, I observed many lunar features even for the very first time. Here is the complete list:
Mare Crisium, Cleomedes with its additional craters A, E, B, F, G, J and C. Tralles crater, Picard, Pierce and Swift.
Further south, I could easily see the 2 central peaks of Langrenus. Beside it, 3 fairly large craters Naonobu, Bilharz and Atwood. Other craters observed were Acosta, Webb, Lindbergh, Crozier plus D, B and E, Cook, McClure plus D.
North of Mare Crisium, I saw Burckhardt with its 2 submerged craters E and on either side, Geminus and Messala.
Near Petavius all these were visible: Palitzsch, Vallis Palitzsch, Wrottesley with A and B additional craters; Biot with C and A.
Other craters observed were Ibn Battuta, Messier and A, B, D and E, Cameron, Asada and Anville.
Another excellent sight was to see the crater Taruntius and its central peak. The south western side corner was in darkness (very nice), and additional craters B and T.
The Colombo crater was in complete darkness. But its complete outer rim was completely visible as our Sun shone on it. What a beautiful sight it was!
Finally these Dorsums were visible especially as the Moon descended. Dorsa Geikie, Dorsa Mawson, Dorsum Oppel. Descending from Taruntius were these 3: Dorsa Cato, Dorsum Cayeux, and Dorsum Cushman.

This is all took almost 2 hours to observe.
The conjunction of Regulus was the icing on the cake.
It was observed with my 70 mm apo at 11X.

Clear skies,

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