Mons Rumker

2 years 5 months ago #106836 by lunartic
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Wow! What a run of weather, four clear nights running, I have been enjoying all this lunar observing, taking a couple of hours each night, my wife now considers herself an astronomy widow. I observed Mons Rumker right on the terminator, a fantastic sight, the shadows, the illuminated, what looks like isolated pillars, the scene of a circle of mountains surrounding a valley, wonderful.

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2 years 5 months ago #106837 by flt158
Replied by flt158 on topic Mons Rumker
Hello Paul.
I am so happy you observed Mons Rumker.
It always thrills me to see it close to the terminator in times past.

Unfortunately I have had a constant tickly cough and mucus problems over every single clear night since Monday.
But I am ready to go again.

However please do share with us if you observed anything else other than our glorious Moon.
Thank you, Paul.

Clear skies (if they come again).


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