V392 Persei NOVA 2018

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V392 Persei NOVA 2018 was created by flt158
Hello everybody.

Drop everything! We have a Nova in our Irish skies.
Valerie and I found it before it hid itself behind some trees in the constellation of Perseus in our back garden.
My advice is to start with 0.0 mag Capella.
Then head west by about 7 degrees.
Find the stars TYC 3347 1766 (mag. 5.7) and TYC 3347 498 (mag 6.8).
They are less than 1 degree apart.
Move your scope directly south to the faint 9.3 mag star TYC 3347 1038.
Directly west of this star is the 8.5 -9.0 mag Nova.
It is definitely brighter than the adjacent star.
Increase your magnification up to 100X and you will easily see its decent orange hue.
There is a double star further to the west which has the designation S 451 Persei which you will find an easy split at 40X or even less.
By the way, this is my 2nd nova since Nova Delphini in August 2013 nearly 5 years ago.
As I will not be around today, I will check the replies to this post on Sunday.

Then go to www.cloudynights.com to see all the discussions on this very lovely event.

Clear skies from Aubrey.
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