Is this Porrima?

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Hi All,

Like many of you I had a great time at the eyepiece last night. While the main objective of last night's session was to sketch Porrima, or what I think is Porrima, I also spent time with many other beautiful DSO. But before getting to those  let me tell you about Porrima...

I decided to use the Deep Sky Planner app to help me locate Porrima. I sketch it at the eyepiece from 23:08 UT+1. I used a wide FOV to bring in as many surrounding stars as possible. I'm hoping that this approach will help some you confirm whether I managed to see this infamous star. For more details, I have attached my image for your consideration. I sketched it the eyepiece, and I inverted the image using Gimp 2.0 this evening.

In addition, to observing what I believe was Porrima. I also observed 24 Com. The springtime Albireo is definitely a nice sight to behold. To help me locate it I star-hopped using M53, 36 Com, 32 Com, 27 Com, and 25 Com. This route provides a nice journey to the colourful double.

In addition to the above, I compared M13 with M92. Again, I could resolve individual stars in M13, but to resolve some in M92 was a real win from my light polluted back garden. I thought M92 had a much brighter core than M13 - what are your thoughts?

At this stage it was 23:46 UT+1, so Lyra was easily observed from my location. I forgot how rich this area of the night sky is. I felt like a kid in a sweetshop, but resisted the urge to go wild. Instead, I had a quick look at Vega, and Epsilon Lyrae, but couldn't make out the Ring Nebula.

 I called it a night at 00:18 UT+1 by observing Albireo - yes, that was visible - summer is almost here!

That's my lot for now. Many thanks for reading the above and I'm looking forward to hearing from you about Porrima.

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M13 gave me my first, *wow" moment, I started off with a 60mm refractor and bought a 10" reflector, when I turned it to M13, I literally said, " wow, " out loud.
I cannot say if it is Porrima, Aubrey may be able to help you there.

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2 weeks 3 days ago - 2 weeks 3 days ago #108876 by flt158
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Congratulations, Darren!
I do believe you have found Porrima.
In your sketch, which is very precise, I have gone to Guide 9.1 DVD to make sure. Placing west to the right and therefore south to the top. It is definitely Gamma Virginis. You have drawn two faint stars above it. And over to the right, you have placed a triangle of stars.
So now all you have to do is split Porrima.
No problems, Eh?

Your route to 24 Com is very good too.
But what I've been doing is that bit more simpler:
Split Porrima first. Then put in a wide field of view eyepiece; and simply head upwards. In no time at all 24 Com appears in my finder apochromatic refractor split at 11X. I discovered this entirely by accident!

Your finder should achieve the very same.

Clear skies, Darren.

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2 weeks 2 days ago #108879 by Until_then-Goodnight!
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Hi Paul and Aubrey, 

Very many thanks for your messages. M13 is a fascinating object, and I can completely understand it creating a 'WOW' moment. It will be great to get under a dark sky again to make the most of it. 

Thanks a million Aubrey for confirming that I was on the correct star. I was beginning to think I was going mad. I'm very much looking forward to trying to split it now that I know how to find it. And speaking of finding things, I must try to locate 24 Com using your more efficient technique. There really is nothing like spending time looking at the wonders of the universe! 

Clear skies to you, 

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