Observations - 30th April 2021

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Observations - 30th April 2021 was created by flt158

Hello, everybody. 

I was promised clear skies from some weather websites for the last night of April 2021. 

Therefore I set up my William Optics 158 mm F/7 apochromatic refractor to observe 1 triple star and 2 doubles in Leo in the back garden. 

Sunset occurred at 20.52 LT and I had a clear sky at that point. Wind speeds were low ranging from 6 to 3 km/h. The air temperature was +2˚ Celsius. 

Some clouds did arrive at various times when I was observing – which proved rather annoying as I had quite a list of doubles to check out. 

But I have to state the triple and the 2 double stars were thrilling to behold and each of these can be found near the 3.4 magnitude star Eta Leonis (Adhafera). 

All figures are from www.stelledoppie.it 

1. A 2367 is a true binary but, at the same time, an uncertain triple. Surprisingly A and B are a true binary. But the C is an uncertain double very close to B. Weird! Magnitudes: A = 9.9. B = 10.8. C = 11.5. Sep’s = 60.8” and 1.6”. As you might imagine, seeing A and B was easy to see at 40x. However to see that tiny C star right next to B with some black space between the two stars, I required a full 280X. The separation proved to be so tight after all. I was so pleased to have accomplished this feat. The designation A stands for the American Robert Aitken who lived from 1864 to 1961 and worked in Lick Observatory in California. 

2. These last 2 doubles were a pure delight – even though I had plenty of hassle with the clouds. Thankfully these fluffy fellows kept moving from the east to the west sky where my beloved Leo was residing. Eventually I had a very clear sky but it was midnight at that point. STF (Struve) 1413 is quite a stunning beauty I would have to say. It is a true binary with magnitudes: A = 9.8. B = 9.8. Sep = 1.8”. PA = 270˚. I was nearly getting a clean split at 112X. Which of course I had black space at 140X and 167X. Nice!

3. Lastly STT 215 is a true binary. Magnitudes: A = 7.3. B = 7.5. Sep = 1.48”. PA = 175˚. What a spectacular double it truly is! I hadn’t quite got a clean split at 112X – although I could see there were 2 white stars stuck together. So once again my 140X eyepiece came up with the goods. 167X proved to be stunning too. Here we have a real beauty. Has anyone else observed it? Right now it is slowly widening.  

Sadly that’s my lot for now as midnight had arrived. 

I hope to see more doubles in Leo before a large tree stops me. 

Comments are always welcome. 

Clear skies from Aubrey.   
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Replied by scfahy on topic Observations - 30th April 2021

As wonderful observing report.
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Replied by Until_then-Goodnight! on topic Observations - 30th April 2021

Hello Aubrey,

Congratulations on managing to split those stars with the clouds rolling in. I've never observed  STT 215, but it sounds like a nice one.

Maybe I'll get to observe some night we're all out observing again. Maybe a trip to Glencullen will be on the cards again soon.

Clear skies,

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