Sun Pillar!

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Sun Pillar! was created by martinastro

At 08.45LT this morning i was walking to get a bus when i spotted a beautiful golden sun pillar low in the eastern sky 5* tall with sharp edges. It was a stunning sight with a golden murky sun just above the horizon. The lower sky was laced with cirrus type clouds. I took several images and movie footage with my mobile phone however i do not have the cable to transfer them to the computer. When i woke up i also seen mighty Venus in the bright blue twilight. The suns disk was visible for hours today in the fog above Magherafelt. Keep an eye out today for further atmospheric displays!
Martin Mc Kenna

coruscations attending the whole length of the luminosity, giving to the phenomena the aspect of a wrathful messenger, and not that of a tranquil body pursuing a harmless course..comet of 1680
17 years 6 hours ago #23095

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