My feb Observing Highlights!

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My feb Observing Highlights! was created by martinastro

1) 2 Solar Upper Tangent Arcs

2) 4 x 22* amazing Sun halos

3) 1 Sun Pillar

4) 6 Sundogs

5) 1 section of Parhelic Circle

6) 1 Circumzenithal Arc

7) Several wonderful displays of Crepuscular Rays and Lenticular clouds.

8 1 Moon Dog

9) several stunning Lunar Coronae

10) 1 Lunar Upper Tangent Arc

11) 3 Spectacular 22* Moon Halos

12) 3 Moon Pillars

13) Zodical Light

14) 2 Gegenschein Observations

15) Mercury Observations and Images

16) Found faint Galaxy NGC7457 during a comet search..a new object to my collection.

17) Got my Mercury Image on www.spaceweather.com

18 My Geminid Meteor report and Aurora image in Astronomy & Space Magazine.

19) Gegenschein, Taurid Fireball report and Independant SOHO comet dis in Astronomy & Space Magazine.

20) Got my Orion image on CD ROM of BBC Sky & Night Magazine.

21) Attended excellent Lectuer on Comets and Asteroids at Queens University By Pro Alan Fitzsimmons!

22) Got only 7 hours 58 mins of comet hunting done due to cloudy weather bringing my total to 889 hours 37 mins where i have picked up 3071 telescopic satellites and 269 telescopic meteors.

Despite the weather observing has been good plus there was the exciting outburst of RS Ophiuchi and a large Gamma ray burst on my birthday lol. March has started of very interesting indeed with heavy snow showers and a bright comet in the morning sky!
Martin Mc Kenna

coruscations attending the whole length of the luminosity, giving to the phenomena the aspect of a wrathful messenger, and not that of a tranquil body pursuing a harmless course..comet of 1680
16 years 11 months ago #24609

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