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17 years 7 months ago #26907 by martinastro
Comets And Lyrids was created by martinastro
Had another good session last night with the 8.5" Dob. Observed 73P SW3 fragments C and B. 'C' was a lovely sight in the same telescopic field as the reverse Nova RCrB sporting a dust tail + 15' long SW broad with a bright slender spine running down the tails centre for 3'. The coma was tiny, well condensed (DC:7) with a bright stellar central condensation. Over all the comet didnt look far off mag 7.5, i was really impressed with this comets rapid speed that was really apparent after only 25 mins were it had crept a respectable distance to the NE passing closer to the 7th mag companion of 'R'.

Fragment B was faint and diffuse and looked like an elonagted fuzzy patch with soft slender tail 10' SW and a Coma that was wider than C's perhaps 3' wide. The CC was a soft brightening within the coma that looked somewhat elongated in the anti solar direction. I have been watching these pair every clear night and they have been fun to follow.

Over the last 4 nights i have observed 138 meteors and 2 amazing fireballs (thanks comet Thatcher) which lit the country side up. Seen 2 Irdium flares last night, one in Leo and a second beauty before dawn that lit the clouds up from behind giving off an eerie blue colour! Did an evening comet sweep through the bright twilight close to the sun. Over all a great night!

Martin Mc Kenna

coruscations attending the whole length of the luminosity, giving to the phenomena the aspect of a wrathful messenger, and not that of a tranquil body pursuing a harmless course..comet of 1680

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