Update on August 27th fireball

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hi everyone,

still some reports coming in about the fireball seen across the country on August 27th.

many of them from the Kenmare, Killarney, Macroom area report very loud "explosions" -- sufficient to cause people to venture out to investigate what had happened. There is a very good chance that a meteorite has fallen and we need as many reports from the aforementioned areas as possible to narrow a search area.

if you get to read this Sean (McKenna) can you send a more detailed report to skynotes at eircom dot net (my home address). I would be especially interested if you managed to plot the track against the stars. The more charts or drawings we get the better to triangulate the flight path and possible impact point.

I'm planning now to head to Kerry next weekend to do a preliminary search and interviews with local people to determine a likely fall site.

I also urge others who have reported the fireball on this site to forward their reports as soon as possible to me at the above e-mail address. Many thanks for all the input so far!

have a nice weekend everyone,

John Flannery

John Flannery ( aurorawatcher - at * gmail - dot * com ... remove hyphens/asterisks/spaces for email)
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17 years 7 months ago #612 by voyager
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Again, just a reminder that those of you who like to do things on te web can submit your observation to John by simply filling in the form at www.irishastronomy.org/reportFireball.php

Bart B.,
IFAS Webmaster.

My Home Page - www.bartbusschots.ie

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