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20 years 4 months ago #928 by albertw
Haloween! was created by albertw

Firstly let me say I know its halloween! Believe me. I drove home earlier via East Wall Rd. and Sherrif. St. and it was quite spectacular. So were the Gardai at the Christina Aguillera concert trying not to notice the local wildlife firing rockets into the Point Depot Car Park!

Anway, there was some cloud over Dublin earlier this evening and while driving I noticed some very bright flashes in the sky, like lightning. And it also caused a crackle on my AM car radio which the normal rockets and bangers didnt.

So was there lightening in Dublin earlier or have some fireworks got the ability to emmit a lot of EM radiation? The weather reports dont mention lightning, and listening for thunder is a bit pointless tonight!

No Aurora tonight :(


Albert White MSc FRAS
Chairperson, International Dark Sky Association - Irish Section

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20 years 4 months ago #947 by voyager
Replied by voyager on topic Re: Haloween!
Hmmm ... an interesting question.

I have seen a phenomenon many times in Cavan that no one has yet to be able to explain. It usually happens on very moist foggy autum evenings like we would have had yesterday.

Basically it is blue flashes that take over th ewhole sky but make no noise. Basically no thunder at all. The flashes look the like the static flashes you get from pulling a wolly jumper over your head and it only happens on nights that feel "charged".

I wonder could this be what you saw and if so can anyone tell me what it is! (The Physics department in NUIM are at a loss!)

Bart B.

My Home Page - www.bartbusschots.ie

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