25x100 collimation

5 months 4 days ago #107059 by donnellan.brendan
Hi folks just wondering if anyone on here has had a go at collimating a set of 25x100 binoculars i have seen all that there is to see on the internet about collimation but if anyone on here who has had a go at it before could give me some advice that would be awesome. Ive had the binoculars a good few years now it would be a shame to ruin them by doing it wrong and damaging them.


Brendan Donnellan.

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5 months 4 days ago - 5 months 4 days ago #107060 by lunartic
I have collimated my 20x90s. It is not a difficult job. Beneath the rubber cover just behind the eyepiece,at the grip, there is a small grub screw, it was on the top of my Strathspeys, find yours. Collimate during the day, pick an object about a hundred metres away, alternatively open and close each eye and see which lens is out of alignment. Using an allen key or precision screwdriver, with both eyes open, slowly adjust the screw, only small turns are necessary. If the alignment is getting worse, then turn the screw the other way. Continue until the images merge.
Hope this helps.

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