DIY Advice on a Dobsonian Stand / Riser

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DIY Advice on a Dobsonian Stand / Riser was created by Until_then-Goodnight!
Hi All,

I understand that there are some very capable DIY enthusiasts on this forum who have built, or who are building observatories, mounts, and other astronomy related products. While such projects are well beyond my ability, I believe I could build a stand / riser for my Orion XT6 i.e., a 6-inch Newtonian reflector on a Dobsonian base.

I'm keen to make a stand / riser for two reasons: Firstly, I feel my current set-up is a bit low to the ground, particularly when observing any object beyond 60 degrees altitude, and secondly, the commercially-made Dobsonian stand / riser seems overpriced.

After viewing some home-made examples online, I'm keen to ask the members on this forum who are DIY inclined for their advice on the matter. 

So, if you were to construct a riser for Dob what would you build?

Many thanks and clear skies,


Here are some of the examples I have seen:

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