Ack! Urgent help needed!

15 years 11 months ago #2957 by tomcosgrave
Ack! Urgent help needed! was created by tomcosgrave
I was going to be buying a scope and a filter for the transit of Venus, but for various reasons I had to cast that plan aside :-(

So bascially, I'm looking for someone selling some sort of small solar scope, or binoculars, or else binoculars with filters that I can take with me.

Anyone know of any stockists? I checked Andromeda Optics but they seem not to have any solar stuff left.

I have to get something sorted out by Wednesday at the latest, or else there'll be no Venus spotting for me in Africa :-(

So, I hope someone can help....

tom cosgrave
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15 years 11 months ago #2963 by spculleton
Replied by spculleton on topic Re: Ack! Urgent help needed!

I've got a set of mylar filters for my binoculars that you can borrow, binoculars and all. I was going to set them up on the day, but as I've a filter for my scope, and I'm planning on using that, the binoculars would be pretty redundant. You seem to be stuck, and I'd hate to think of somebody being fortunate enough to visit a place with clear skies, but with no way to view the transit.

As I said, you can have the binoculars and the filters. I'm in Templeogue, and I'll be in Dublin all weekend. PM me and we can make arrangements for meeting up.

Hope that helps.

Shane Culleton.

Dozo Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu

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15 years 11 months ago #2965 by Wallymee
Replied by Wallymee on topic Solar Scopes
There are a number of options you can pick.

Firstly we at Andromeda Optics do solar equipment.

The first option would be to buy a pair of Coronado Binomtes. These are available from stock, with a few remaining for €145.00.

Secondly you might try a telescope with a solar filter. It depends on what you are looking for and we have some of that in stock also.

We have arriving (today actually, hopefully) from the US the Orion 80mm ED Apo with appropriatly fitting solar filters (also from Orion) price is €895.00. This includes the rings.

Due to a difficulty with supply we will not have the PST for the time of the Transit, which is a pity.

If you want to contact please email me at the address on the site and I will transmit phone details etc to discuss.

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