Lunar Orbiter Atlas being issued in May 2005

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Lunar Orbiter Atlas being issued in May 2005 was created by johnflannery
hi folks,

looking ahead to next year should see the publication of a very welcome . . . and detailed . . . atlas of the Moon. is carrying details of a book based on photographs taken by the American Lunar Orbiter probes in the mid-1960s; these were the basis for the 1969 "Times Atlas of the Moon" which is extremely hard to find and any copies currently doing the rounds go for 200 to 300 dollars (more in the UK).

first previews suggest it will be the 21st Century version of the venerable Times atlas and a useful addition to the lunar observer's library. Check out:

just to add, the Rukl atlas (again, first editions were going for hundreds of dollars) is also republished this month by Sky and Telescope.

in January 2005 we should see the release of Storm Dunlop's "Atlas of the Night Sky" which has star charts by Wil Tirion but also a smaller scale version of Rukl's lunar charts. The proofs Storm had at the WSP generated a lot of pre-publication interest. Retail price is 20 pounds sterling and will be worth picking up as a good beginner's atlas of the heavens.

I guess at the end of the day you can never have enough maps and charts :D


John Flannery ( aurorawatcher - at * gmail - dot * com ... remove hyphens/asterisks/spaces for email)
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