A LX200 mount with observing/pointing platform for sale

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19 years 6 months ago #7351 by dave_lillis
Hi All,
Heres an unusual device which has just been advertised on the LX200 yahoo forum, its a LX200 fork which has been modified to be a pointing platform, so you can put many kinds of scopes on it, it might be of interest to some here..

I apologize for this advertisement, but I am offering a unique item for
The concept of converting LX200 mounts to new uses has been a topic on LX200
groups from time to time. These nounts are excellent for wide field
photography and
for both asteroid and comet hunting.

I have decided to sell one of my "LX200 Generic Pointing Platforms." It is
described in some detail on my web site at:


The Pointing Platform shown is being sold WITHOUT the telescopes shown
mounted on it. I am asking $2000 for the mount (with shipping) which
includes a well tuned LX200 classic fork in the 10" size, recent and well
electronics, power supply and hand controller. The mount is a late one
with roller bearings on the declination axis. Counterweights for the
saddle and a
Losmandy dovetail plate are included. Two mounting rings on the bottom side
of the
saddle are included as well.

Addtionally, I have a Meade standard tripod available for $240, a Meade
wedge for $275 and a set of JMI large wheeley bars for $350. All with

The above items make a great combination for wide field and minor planet
astrophotography when used with an appropriate telescope, telephoto lens and
software. Total automation is possible.

Best wishes and a fine new year to all.

Doc G
E-mail: ragreiner@mailbag.com

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Chairman. Shannonside Astronomy Club (Limerick)

Carrying around my 20" obsession is going to kill me,
but what a way to go. :)
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