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14 years 6 months ago #80536 by mjc
Setting WebCam Exposure Times was created by mjc
I use a Meade LPI for lunar and planetary imaging. The Meade software does various file formats - including some FITS variants (integer data, float, RGB datacube,...). It does not do AVI.

Now, with AVI one can get a good number of frames per second (I don't know but suspect that compression is involved to achieve this and this might have its downside).

When imaging targets like Jupiter one can only image for a finite time before planet rotation becomes noticable - my imaging results are still poor so this tends to the academic until I up my skills. With the LPI, frames are downloaded at about one frame a second. Result - not a large number of frames to stack in any given session time.

I've tried using Craterlet (a Craig Stark program) and I can get AVI from the LPI. However, I'm having difficulty setting an exposure that "sticks". Something overrides my manual setting and images are, usually, over exposed.

I have also tried (for experiment) MetaGuide (which looks very interesting) and the problem is common to both of them.

I believe the problem is common because it lies with Windows but cannot find anything helpful on the web. This is, of itself, interesting in that I have never found a subject that I can't find volumes of data on the web.

Now specifically, when I click on "Camera Settings" (Craterlet) or "VidProps" (MetaGuide) I get a common - believed to be Windows dialog - titled "Properties" with three tabs:- "Camera Control", "Video Proc Amp", and "Advanced settings". I set my parameters but when I next revisit I have an exposure of "50" regardless of what I set it to previously.

For those who use webcams - how do you set and retain exposure settings?


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