Can you do better than this?

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Can you do better than this? was created by Kinch
Can you do better than this?

About 4 years ago I started out trying my hand at astro-photography. It just felt fabulous to see night sky objects on my screen that I will never see looking through a telescope. Perhaps this is you now or maybe you have a photo of the milky-way, Moon or a land & night-sky scene that you want to share with others or just never want to forget. No matter how you might be starting off in astro-photography, now is just a great time. The nights are getting longer and more people are taking an interest, following the ‘Images of Starlight’ exhibitions. In other words, there are others like you, just starting off and this website is a great place for all to share their efforts, get advice and improve their skills.
It is only 4 short years since I started out on my journey into capturing the wonders of the night sky. In those 4 years I have grown in experience and confidence to go ahead and start my own website for my images. If you don’t have expensive equipment or confidence – it most certainly does not mean that you must hide you images away. So don’t hide them and don’t give up before you have given yourself half a chance. Share your efforts here and see how good it feels. I think, like me, you are going to be your own harshest critic. That’s great …’ll make yourself improve. We all start from exactly the same spot – zero experience….and terrible photos. :rolleyes:
Can you do better than this:

If you think this might be Mars – I am flattered. It actually was one of my first shots of the moon. No detail, out of focus and of absolutely no interest to anyone. If you can do better than this – then you are way ahead of where I was starting out.
Now is the time to upload your images and begin (or continue) the exciting journey into space that is astro-photography. Even if you have no images just now but have some specific questions re getting started – you will find a number of people here will be very willing to give a helping hand.
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