Image stacking theory

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20 years 8 months ago #981 by albertw
Image stacking theory was created by albertw

Normal programs like registax/astrostack/etc. compute based on the whole image and then decide whether to use that image to stack or not.

Is there any software that can go further and analise the individual frames for the areas that are sharpest and only select those areas for the stacking and aligning procedures.

I'm not sure whether this would give a much improved image, but even if it removed the fuzziest areas from the images that were already listed to be stacked from the equations its bound to give some improvement?


Albert White MSc FRAS
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20 years 8 months ago #1012 by larrylart
Replied by larrylart on topic Re: Image stacking theory

I am not aware on any program to actually goes that far in selecting a specific area for stacking. And anyway this will make an unbalanced image after stacking – you need to have the same “overlaps” for each pixel in stacking otherwise your image will look broken.
I am not sure I understand your problem with fuzzy areas ? In registax you can select yourself best frames you want to stack, or you can align them manually – in case you have problems aligning because of fuzziness …
Another solution to your problem is to create a mosaic and process every square separately – make sure that you follow the same technique for each of them else you will have a hard time to put them together.



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