Scientific book auction.

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15 years 5 months ago #69672 by pj30something
Scientific book auction. was created by pj30something
I saw on the news last night that there is going to be an auction held next week in NYC (i think) of a collection of very rare 1st edition books written by such people as Copernicus,Galileo and Darwin.

Galileo's book which contains the 1st ever sketches of the lunar surface is expected to see for around $1 million. Copernicus's book which contains sketches of the solar system (where the sun is the the centre and all planets revolve around it) is expected to fetch about $500,000 and Darwins "Origin of the Species" is expected to fetch about $100,00.

Can you imagine owning a 1st edition of either Copernicus book containing the first sketches (and concept) of a solar system where the planets revolve around the sun, or Galileo's book containing the first ever sketches of the lunar surface.

Both book really are the "holy grail" of astronomy.

Paul C
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