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14 years 4 months ago - 14 years 4 months ago #79641 by Frank Ryan
Astronauts 'Twittering' was created by Frank Ryan
I'm getting a little slower on the uptake of
the new stuff happening on the web...
I only recently joined Facebook and last week
someone mentioned 'Twitter' I went.. Oh no..
more stuff I don't have time to look into to find
out I don't want to be into it.


My friend is into cycling and is following the cyclists
on the Tour De France.
He said.
'you'r boys up there are probably on Twitter too..'

I was sceptical but sure enough...
they are!

It's kind of cool to see profiles that have
Location: International Space Station
on them.

& stuff like
''From orbit: Docked successfully w/ISS a few minutes ago.
It will take awhile before we can open the hatches,
but it’s great to be here. ''

With the net the World is shrinking and now that includes space!

If you Twitter,
you probably already know all this and are thinking
'Jeez man, get with it!'
but if you don't and feel like a bit of a dinosaur these days
when it comes to t'internet,
check it out...


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