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Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for good astronomy books for kids?, have a 9 year old who is showing a lot of interst and would like to get a book to keep the interst up.


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During IYA 2009 I was asked to suggest my top ten list of childrens astronomy books for Dublin City Libraries. Here is the list, they were bought and have been on the shelves of those libraries ever since.

Children friendly books

Cosmos by Giles Sparrow
A huge big glossy book with wonderful images, guaranteed to excite a child or the child inside the adult in everyone.

Space Station Science by Marianne Dyson
This book explains what its like to be in space , clearly written ,interesting and fun.

Stars The Real Pictures by Nick Aldey
Gorgeous book for young children explaining star patterns in the sky. A new Irish publication a must for
any child who looks up and wonders.

These are a series of books on astronomy for the visually impaired.
This book was given free to visually impaired schools all over the US by the government


I wonder why Stars Twinkle
Really lovely simple book for the very young reader to understand stars

The Planet Hunter


This book explains why Pluto is not longer a planet with great illustrations and clear writing.

NASA The Complete Illustrated History
2009 as well as being International Year of Astronomy was also the 40th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing one of the greatest of NASA's achievements. This book charts the entire history of NASA including Apollo and more recent missions.

The Way the Universe Works DK
A well illustrated book for good readers , full of terrific images to stimulate interest.

Sun Moon and Stars by Stephnie Turbill , for beginers interested in the night sky.

Solar System by Dr Mike Goldsmith
Very simply written , dealing with the solar system , including space exploration from Apollo 11 to the moon and Cassini to Saturn.

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Thank you very much, that is perfect.

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