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I have a SkyWatch D=114mm X F=1000mm. I decided to check the alignment as I thought my views should be better than I was getting, even with such a small telescope. I was bought a Seben collimator. First thing I discovered was that the primary mirror didn’t have a “centre spot”. I contact the telescope manufactures agent, looking for a “spot and an alignment template”! “Sorry, we don’t supply these” was the short answer.

Dose anyone know where I can obtain a “spot”, I could make a template myself, I suppose, but I want a purpose made spot, so that it attaches really well!

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7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 2 months ago #97592 by dave_lillis
Replied by dave_lillis on topic Re: Collimating the spot
Easiest thing to do is measure where exactly the center of the mirror and them mark it out using one of these circular binder stickers, any good ruler will do.

That way you can collimate it with a barlowed and conventional laser collimator. Ive dont this on several scopes and it works a charm.
hope this helps.

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