Partial Lunar Eclipse -16/07/19

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Hello everyone.

I know this is going to be a long shot; but there is the small item of observing a Partial Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday evening 16th July 2019.
Heading up the mountains somewhere seems to be the only option and making sure we see the Irish Sea.
The Moon will then rise out of the sea at 21:40 local summer time (20:40 UT).
The northern half of Luna will be in shadow.

I'm thinking of travelling to Killiney Head in south County Dublin to try and see the eclipse.
But if anyone else has further suggestions, I will take any of these into account.

The whole eclipse is due to end at precisely midnight local time (23:00 UT).

Having observed successfully both the Total Lunar Eclipse and the recent Total Solar Eclipse, I wonder if it could be possible for me to see 3 eclipses in 1 year for the first time in my life?
Perhaps I am asking too much!!

Clear skies from Aubrey.
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The moon poked through the clouds sufficiently to at least tell that the lower half was brighter than the upper half.... parts of the south-east had the best views I believe.

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I travelled up Killiney Hill with a swimming friend right next to the Obelisk on Tuesday night not thinking I would see anything.
The sky was almost 100% overcast.
My Meade 9X63 binoculars were set up on the tripod.
There was a fairly large thick cloud covering most of the area above the Moon's position.
A passer-by from Illinois informed us when Luna had risen precisely at 9.40 pm local time.
At 10.00 pm the moon suddenly appeared through dense cloud. Soon afterwards, we could see the large shadow of our Earth covering a lot of our nearest neighbour.
The eclipsed moon looked like a weird crescent.
We watched the moon disappear and reappear quite a few times as quite a number of people past by admiring the spectacle.
It was very definite that over 60% of the lunar surface was eclipsed by Earth's shadow. Down for the north pole to below the Moon's equator was covered by the dark grey shadow because of the Sun shone on our planet forwards onto the Moon.
At 10.30 pm, the Moon, which was always a slight orange, appeared once again at maximum eclipse -65% eclipsed.
By 11.00 pm, we thought we should head home rejoicing in the fact that Joe and I had a successful observation of a very dark Partial Lunar Eclipse.

I should also point out that all this means, I have had the great honour of observing 3 Eclipses in 2019 -a feat I have never had the pleasure of achieving before in my lifetime!!

Do you remember 21st January? That was when we had a Total Lunar Eclipse .
Of course, 2nd July was the Total Solar Eclipse in Argentina; and now, 16th July the Partial Eclipse.

I don't imagine experiencing 3 eclipses in 1 year anytime soon.

Many congratulations to all who ventured outside last Tuesday night's Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Clear skies,

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