My k index active / unsettled

8 years 7 months ago - 8 years 7 months ago #90851 by daveg
My k index active / unsettled was created by daveg
Just back from holidays so just getiting everything restarted

Data from my magnetometer showed "active" at sbout 5pm local today and has been "unsettled" from bout 8pm onwards. It would seem that a CME hit around 5 but things have quietned since then. Possibility of aurorae especially for our more northern friends and photographic aurora further south. Planetary k index still showing "storm" level at time of posting but dont think its that active this far south (hopefully someone wil prove me wrong:))

2 largish flares on the Sun today, the first had a strange double peak?

fwiw Im now using my imaging techniques on sub-aqua photography heres a guy i spotted in Lanzarote recently



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