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To all

Michael, the admin has been very kind in sending me messages to inform and assures me that they are working on it. As I am new here to IFAS but have not posted any of my astro sketch art yet [which has been featured in Astronomy Picture of the Day once, many times over the past two years and I have begun to display all my recent artwork in the Cloudy Nights Astronomy Forums (*page 4 of 5 contains most of the newer works)>

Since last spring 2008. Some random older award winning astro photos here also in the CN Forums Gallery. I am quite famiiar with posting images from a Photo hosting site such as Photobucket but find that there is a secret here in IFAS that I have yet to discover. I just read the recent thread that others discussed on this problem. That the IMG code for html must show a "Size=150" and no larger? That realy dimishes the images to only thumbnails. Is that the limit? OK I am trying that now. Still no go. Can one of you indicate whee the html image string muct be pasted? Is it particular to the "Browse IMG Box" or can you place the IMG as html text in this main text message?

I was having trouble linking my artwork here in the IFAS sketch forum when I first tried here a week ago. I see that most of you in the UK like to use Flikr to host your photos. Most of us in the US use Photobucket as it is unlimited for free image storage space and never fails. However, I could not see any instructions as to which html string was to be entered a the "Browse - Upload - box". When I tried to enter my images in this fashion, the screen just sat there and did not respond. Or when previewing at least. If i simply sent it rather than preview it, the message appears to post but without the image.

Another member in the Cloudy Nights Forums just informed me that he is able to paste the image html directly into the text message box in IFAS rather than into the "Browse -Upload - Image box" and that this works. Can anyone confirm that, and if so, what are the "Browse - Upload - Image" boxes for? As they will not allow a photo file from ones "My Pictures" from our personal PC.

I will try this in a moment for the first time.

Good luck to all of you!

Here goes, below a pastel sketch of Saturn that I produced yesterday morning from direct observation through my 10.1" f/4.5 Dobsonian at 200X with 5 below 0 Celcius temperatures hgere in Portland Oregon. Materials: 9" X 12" Artagain paper, various dry pastel chalks ...

Well the html "Direct Link" from Photobucket does not work, so I'll try the plain html... here goes again . . . still no go . . Now for the "IMAGE" html ... still nothing - Well I guess I am stuck too as many of you indicated. I'll have to wait for further instructions from the Admin.>


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Replied by JohnMurphy on topic Problems Posting Pictures on IFAS
Try this:
[img]http://url of image[/img]

This has been working ok for me. :)

Example: the image is located at . Wrapped in the image tags this displays as:

Clear Skies,
John Murphy
Check out My Photos

Clear Skies,
John Murphy
Irish Astronomical Society
Check out My Photos

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11 years 1 month ago - 11 years 1 month ago #75354 by johnflannery
Replied by johnflannery on topic Problems Posting Pictures on IFAS
Hi Mark,

Love your sketches and have seen them on the front page of Spaceweather. It's a fantastic talent.

What you need to do is wrap the details with the img tags as John suggested. However, you don't use the picture's page name but the web address of the image at your hosting site. This will actually be different and can be found by right-clicking on the image and selecting properties. You can then copy and paste the image address into your message.

For example, the Saturn image is on PhotoBucket at

The image name on PhotoBucket is ... I've wrapped this with the img tags and hey presto, a beautiful sketch of Saturn with the rings at so narrow an angle!

All the best,


John Flannery ( aurorawatcher - at * gmail - dot * com ... remove hyphens/asterisks/spaces for email)
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