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Concise Beginner Page + Leaflet was created by michaeloconnell
Futher to a suggestion from Michael Murphy, it might be a good idea to have a single page in the Beginner's Section which would contain basic information for begineers (rather than just links).
Some ideas are:
* Basic Sky Tour
* Short article on the Moon
* Brief guide to telescopes & binoculars
* What can realistically be seen through a telescope (as opposed to Hubble Space Telescope images)
* Collimating and cleaning

The original idea was to do this up as a leaflet. That can still be done, however it might be easier to compile the articles here first into one concise area. Once they are all written, then they can be pulled together into a double-sided A4 or an A5 booklet. These leaflets could then be used by all IFAS clubs at star parties, observing sessions, sharing with family & friends, outreach events, etc. We could even discuss the idea with the discount supermarkets to see if they could be distributed with telescopes on sale in their stores.

Some of this info is perhaps already in some of the Observing Handbooks. However, other items may need to be written fresh.

First I suppose, I would be interested to hear what others think of the idea.
Next, if there is a general consensus that this should happen, then it would be good to get some volunteers to write the articles and an editor (not me!) to pull the articles together.

Suggestions welcome!


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9 years 6 months ago #85579 by artyfarty
Replied by artyfarty on topic Concise Beginner Page + Leaflet
What!!! volunteer : blink:

The auld army deafness has kicked in Michael sorry but I can't hear what your saying... type slower :)

I'll offer my services for an article. You might also consider developing an IFAS "Welcome Pack" for new club members using these articles in a printed format. I'd be happy to work on that side of it too.

Any thoughts/rumblings about resurrecting and updating the observing challenges? These would be a bit out of my league but if I can help I will.

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9 years 6 months ago #85581 by Seanie_Morris
Replied by Seanie_Morris on topic Concise Beginner Page + Leaflet
I also have some articles I penned down through the years I wouldn't mind contributing. I don't know if I have much freetime for design and layout (funny, because that's what my day job is about!), but I'll help out where I can.


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