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10 years 5 months ago #99680 by Seanie_Morris
New Year's address from your IFAS Chairperson was created by Seanie_Morris
As the New Year begins, I would like to say a 'few' words in my capacity as IFAS Chairperson.

Firstly, from myself and on behalf of the IFAS Committee I would like to wish you the best of fortunes for 2014, not just on clear skies and plenty of Astronomy, but also for health and happiness for the coming year.

Second, I hope that the IFAS organisation, this website, and the achievements to date are all to your benefit. IFAS is run as an umbrella organisation with its aim being to help any astronomy or affiliated club or society to reach a wider audience, get insights with practical aids in both running a club and in promoting Astronomy, and offering technical assistance on things like this free website, group insurance schemes, the free promotion of events, and more.

IFAS has always been a volunteer organisation, run by a group of peers for the benefit of all, and not just in Ireland, as our reach has been on a worldwide scale. Individuals spread throughout the country become Website Adminstrators, Moderators and Authors, Committee Members, Observing Challenge afficionados, and Competition Organisers, all helping contribute to a unique (online) outlet for Astronomy, all out of their free time, which can be hard to find at times.

Thirdly, I would like to express a sincere debt of gratitude to the corporate sponsors that include (so far) Ktech Telescopes Ltd and Scopes & Space Ltd, two wholly Irish companies, without whose help, input and sponsorship of prizes, 2013 may not have been so memorable for us all on IFAS - just check out the IFAS Astrophotography Competition forum. Thank you, to you guys!

Fourth and finally, I would like to thank everyone who has ever taken the time to register on this website and get involved with IFAS's activities. Members have shared with us their observations, tips, discoveries of worldwide importance, and their secrets to success. This is one thing I am proud of; to be the representative at the forefront of Irish Astronomy, as it helps everyone that ever visits our proud little online home.

With some changes to come and continued improvements to IFAS's services during 2014, I hope that this organization will continue to grow and expand. We welcome any input or suggestions you may have in order to make these improvements. I look forward to - for now until the AGM in April at least - continuing to serve and help you all.

Clear Skies,

Seanie Morris,
IFAS Chairperson.

Midlands Astronomy Club.
Radio Presenter (Midlands 103), Space Enthusiast, Astronomy Outreach Co-ordinator.
Former IFAS Chairperson and Secretary.
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