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Moved the discussion to here since its more of an IFAS matter at the moment.

Below is the post I sent to the IFAS list the other day. Please let me hear any feedback by Tuesday as I will be be having a call with the eurpoean coordinator of the IDA (or some similar title!) then about setting up the section.


Below is a very draft proposal that I've mentioned on the irishastronomy
board (hint hint only 27 people have joined so far!) on a topic that many
of you will have discussed before in some form. It is still very much a
draft proposal, but I thought it would be good to get folks talking about
it at this stage and get any comments and feedback, for or against the idea.

I have already made enquiries with the International Dark Sky Association
on this to see how you go about creating a national Section and what is
involved, though the proposal will have to be voted on by the IFAS before
anything could be set up.

Anyway, please let me know what you think.


Draft Proposal for the IFAS to be the Irish Section of the International
Dark Sky Association - "Irish Dark Skies, Dark Skies Ireland, ...."

Albert White

29th May 2003


The International Dark Sky Association [IDA] ( www.darksky.org ) was founded
in 1988 in the United States with goals to be effective in stopping the
adverse environmental impact on dark skies by building awareness of the
problem of light pollution and of the solutions, and to educate everyone
about the value and effectiveness of quality nighttime lighting. The
organisation has several regional Sections which operate under the IDA, to
tackle the issues of light pollution at a local level. An example of this
is the Campaign for Dark Skies[CfDS] in the United Kingdom
( www.dark-skies.org ) which is a joint commission of the British
Astronomical Society (BAA) and the IDA. At present there is no similar
organisation in Ireland. I propose that the IFAS should create that

This document hopefully will develop into a concrete proposal for
consideration by the IFAS committee.

2.Goals of the Irish Section:

The Irish Section would have the same goals as the IDA. These goals are
listed in the IDA Information Sheet 8 available at
www.darksky.org/infoshts/is008.html , I would ask that you read that
document as I don't want to duplicate its contents.
Basically the goals are:
.To be an information source for locals
.Develop local materials, fact sheets, lists of lighting suppliers etc.
.Media work. Lectures, Radio, Letters to the Editor etc.
.Increase awareness of the issues and the IDA.

3.Operation of the proposed Irish Section:

The Information Sheet above lists some requirements for how the Sections
must operate, including
.It is a volunteer organisation.
.An annual Report of Activities must be sent to the IDA
.Get Helpers not Enemies!
.Copies of all material produced should be sent to the IDA.

Local groups could be set up on a city, county or province level to
campaign on a more local level if they so choose. They could share
information and resources via the already established links between the
Societies in the IFAS.

3.1 Election of Section Leader:
The election or appointment of Section Leaders is not described in the
above document nor in the bylaws of the IDA. I will be having discussing
this with the IDA Sections working group chair and the IDA European Liaison
officer in the coming days to see how this is handled by other Sections. In
the mean time allow me to present one possibility:
The Section leader should be elected by the IFAS committee, which as I
understand consists of two representatives of each society. This person
would not have to be on the IFAS committee but must be a member of the IDA.
This is likley to be a very time consuming job, so the assistance of
several other volunteers would be critical. I dont know how formal these
other posts should be.

3.2 Membership fees.
Under IDA rules local Sections may charge local fees. I do not propose that
the IFAS would charge a separate membership fee for this. Perhaps if cash
was required for an event the Section could ask the IFAS for sponsorship.

4.Why bother?

Currently in Ireland there is no unified approach to the light pollution
problem that faces many of us. The IFAS could of course develop a campaign
of its own to write to TD's etc. however being part of an International
organisation would allow us to use their expertise and materials and
leverage what is already there.

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