Standard Model Begins to Crack - about time!

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20 years 8 months ago #1186 by voyager
Scientists have discovered a new particle that does NOT fit in to the Standard Model. This means that we are starting to get our first glimpses of the next era of physics, perhaps String THeories time has come at long last!

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20 years 8 months ago #1192 by Mweelrea
While the standard model seems to have had sucesses, even the WIMP data seems to support it up to a point, but that may be under review, since this may only allow a narrow set of models.
There is also no inherent reason why nature should be symetrical, which is some of the assumptions ! (arbitrary?) adopted in the standard model. String theory is still stuggling and even M theory may have some way to go if it even does have a grasp of what reality is !

However what is even more important is that the results of this experiment ARE not rejected or dismissed, simply because they don't fall into the accepted view (DOGMA !). They may very well be indicating to us that we require a modification of and even a radical revision of our models of reality.

Quote from: Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy: If we understood what the Petunia's meant when they said, while falling "Oh No not again" then we would understand a awful lot more about the universe.

Apologies to non readers of "The Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy" By Douglas Adams.


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