Cosmic Rays & Global Warming

17 years 4 months ago #42824 by amckinstry
Replied by amckinstry on topic Channel4 Swindle program
Theres a good response to the channel4 global warming swindle
program at:


Basically the program is far from right: without CO2 warming the
planet, Earth would be 50 degrees colder: global warming is
necessary for life, and well accepted for decades; Anthropogenic Global Warming is what the debate is all about.

Basically their science has been well debunked several times, and
they just keep ignoring it. Carl Wunsch, one of the Oceanographic
experts on the program is furious about having been misrepresented
into sounding like agreeing with them,

On the CO2 front, its worth realizing that if global warming as an issue
were to go away tomorrow (eg. we built a large space-based umbrella
to block off some sunlight, etc). the Increase in CO2 would still be
one of the major threats to the planet, as it is acidifying the Oceans.
This is poorly publicised only because the CO2 increase has to be
solved anyway to solve the Global Warming problem.

Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist - Kenneth Boulding (Economist)

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17 years 4 months ago #42827 by dave_lillis
Replied by dave_lillis on topic Re: Cosmic Rays & Global Warming
Thanks for the link, one point I hand't thought of was C4+science=tabloid journalism, as indicated by the lin above.
Looks like we're back to the CO2 problem, which the governments seem inept at fixing. If they did it on BBC2 (horizon), it would have had more balance.
it seemed like a good argument, I guess when you scratch a little deeper, you see all the theories have been disproved.

I'm open minded, but not so open minded that my brain falls out :lol:

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