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16 years 1 week ago #71033 by lunartic_old
Baader Semi Apo Filter was created by lunartic_old
Hi all

I observe with a 127mm f/6.45 refractor, it being the only scope I possess at the moment, as you can imagine there is a certain amount of CA, for my double star work it is not a bother, but when I come to the moon or the planets, or the brighter stars it's obvious, so I decided on the Baader Semi Apo Filter to see if it would help.

It arrived yesterday and last night was clear, what are the odds? :D

I popped the scope on the alt-az mount and pointed towards Vega, yep, there was a large purple halo around the star, it's a nice colour purple, I'm sure Prince, or The Sign, or whatever his name is now, would appreciate it. I got the 2" filter and screwed it into the back of my WO 2" diagonal, using an 8mm Hyperion yielding a magnification of 103X 95% of the purrple halo had gone, amazing, there is a little residual colour, but you have to look for it. One thing I did note and that it turned Vega a little yellow, not blazing yellow, but not the glaring white it normally is.

I had hoped to test the filter on Jupiter, but it remained behind the clouds all the time I was out. The next big test is the moon, which is coming back into the sky and I will report back on that.

I know a €100 filter will not make my scope a €5000 apo, but my first impressions are favourable, the filter is threaded for other filters, I attached a Baader UHC to the Semi Apo and observed M57 with excellent results.

If you are bothered by CA, then the Baader Semi Apo is worth considering.

I have no affiliation with Baader, I just like their products. :D

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16 years 1 week ago #71060 by Ben
Replied by Ben on topic Re: Baader Semi Apo Filter
hmmmm....Well Done Lunar

Why is life so hard??I wonder if its my fault......
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